From the beginning of our activity, we used our photometric laboratory mainly to carry out measurements and advanced quality control for personal use.


The original set for testing aging light sources based on LED technology allows us to determine relative level of luminance decline of LEDs over time. On this basis, the lifespan of LED sources is estimated.

In 2012, our company purchased high-class laboratory equipment from GL OPTIC, which includes:
- MSM1 SN mini spectrometer: 201106 / B11J0148
- integrated Ulbricht globe

In 2015, the laboratory was modernized. We bought additional measuring devices, among others Ulbricht's ball with a diameter of 500 mm, which allows for accurate measurements of photometric parameters of "LED bulbs" and other light sources.


The latest equipment, which is cyclically calibrated in Germany, allows us to expand the field of research and very accurate measurements of basic light parameters of light sources such as:
- illuminance on the surface (lx)
- luminous flux (lm)
- color rendering index CRI (Ra)
- color coordinates x, y (CIE1931, CIE1964)
- color temperature (K)
- other...

In addition, we carry out thermovision tests. The temperature distribution and the possibility of heat dissipation from the tested source are tested.

The tests are mainly used for the purpose of precise quality control, thanks to which all our products are of very high quality.
We also offer research for external entities.

In order to get an offer, please contact:
Grzegorz Trzcieliński
tel. 501 02 22 65