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Glowing LED cobblestone Nostalit 9x12 Cold

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Color temperature of the led cube White cold
Power 2,3W

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Color temperature of the led cube


Product description

Luminous cobblestone is a fixture whose design was inspired by paving stones. It is a modern way to illuminate paths and driveways. Each fixture provides uniform light, thanks to the total reduction of light points. They have high-quality LEDs from the American company CREE, and the lampshade is made of structural resin.  Thanks to this, the luminous LED cobblestones are a guarantee of high brightness and high durability. The high class of waterproofness allows for outdoor use in areas exposed to the elements such as rain or snow.

Dimension 90 x 120 x 60 mm
Colour Cold white
Voltage 24V DC
Diodes producent Cree Inc. USA
Cover type milky
Durability of LEDs 124.000h
Pressure resistance 8000kg
Certificates CE, RoHS
Warranty up to 4 years
Connection method Muff IP68
Power 2,3W