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14-2010-01 EAN: 5901854778914

PENDANT - SET 1250 mm

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System A, D, X, Y, I6, I10, MICO, SILEDA, DILEDA, DOPIO, ILEDO, CLARO, TALIA, LARGO, Largo M1, Largo M2, Talia M1, Talia M2

HANGER - SET 1250 mm. A set of mounting members for hanging lighting embodiment, lamp - with the use of aluminum Lumines.

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Product description

The hanger is a complete product, easy installation of the profiles as hanging lamps, decorative and lighting.

The set consists of:

- Screw the holder 3.5x16
- Lock links the M4 9x29 Nickel
- cable of the ball 1250 with a length of 1.2 mm x
- Nipple M10x1 Nickel
- Ceiling Bracket 16x15 M10x1 nickel-plated.