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TOUCH dimmer for furniture board

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Switch / touch dimmer LED chipboard - black

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Product description

The touch switch used to control any kind of lighting on 12V / 24V. In addition to features on and off, also has options so the dimmer, możnaswobodnie control the amount of light in the room.

Switch LED chipboard can be used for sheets having a maximum thickness of 30mm. It is a proven solution for people who appreciate the aesthetics and minimalism, because the switch is not visible on the outside of the cabinets. Just touch a disc which is mounted a switch activates the tape immediately. By holding his hand at the installation site, the tape will begin to lighten and darken.

Power 60W gives you the ability to connect 6 meters tape 600 3528 9,6W / m which is the optimal solution for the gentle kitchen counter.

Technical data: output signal dimming - PWM control The method of regulating touchpad Dimensions (length. X w. X H). 44 x 44 x 14 mm (length of the wire - 20 cm) Input voltage range 12V / 24V DC Rated power 12V DC 5A (60W)
for 24V DC 3A (72W) Max. load 5A Degree of protection IP IP40