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LED source E27 9W CCT MiBOXER FUT019

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Color temperature Multicolor
Handle E27
Voltage 230V

LED SOURCE  E27 10W A60 Warm white

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Color temperature



Product description

Features of the RGBW WiFi bulb
- E27 thread
- wireless communication with the controller (radio),
- obtaining control via Wi-Fi (additional module),
- diodes based on SMD technology,
- low energy consumption,
- high durability of diodes.

The radio path used by the LED bulb to communicate with the MiBOXER controller ensures fully wireless communication at a distance of 30 meters. This is because the bulb has a built-in receiver ensuring a non-invasive connection. Obtaining optional control via Wi-Fi network connection (allowing the use of mobile devices) is available only after using an appropriate Wi-Fi module.