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Mi-Light remote RF 2.4G 4-ZONE RGB + CCT

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Type Pilot/Panel
Group Mi-Light
Controll RGB + CCT

Innovative RF remote LED\'s four series MiBOXER, to control each zone individually using a radio receiver. Is characterized by the possibility of full control, both to give any color from a palette of colors RGB, as well as the active rate change of brightness and color temperature CCT. The transmitter works with drives of the MiBOXER (receivers, light bulbs, etc.).

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Product description

Remote control functions MiBOXER - RGBW + CCT:
- dimming and brightening of the connected LED lighting
- smooth change of color from the palette color RGB
- switching the white color (with a tape RGB + W)
- controlling color temperature (CCT technique of heat and cold)
- control each zone separately,
- function on / off all zones simultaneously
- active programs to use dynamic (changing mode / speed).
- the ability to develop the network at any time
- the use of tape for RGBW + CCT.

The basic form of communication with the transmitter receivers, radio is the way, that\'s what it takes to transfer data, giving us the freedom to use wireless LED driver. Obtaining an optional control via connectivity with Wi-Fi network, which allows you to control lighting using mobile devices (eg.