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LED Neon Flex 3Y 6x12 126 LED/m 10,8W/m 24V Neutral white

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Hue Neutral
Size 6x12
Voltage 24V

LED Neon Flex 3Y 6x12 126 LED/m 10,8W/m 24V NEUTRAL

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Product description

LED Flex neon signs are a modern replacement for traditional neon signs, made using LED technology. The silicone, flexible housing allows you to create lighting of any shape. They are an irreplaceable solution in the advertising industry. They can also be used as a decorative element that enlivens commercial and residential spaces. Densely spaced cutting points allow for easy installation, even when lighting small living spaces. LED neon signs are characterized by a light and resistant structure, which allows them to be used outside the building.

- high durability allowing for longer use,
- resistance to UV rays thanks to a silicone cover,
- low heat emission, the product is safe to use even in a children's room,
- resistance to weather conditions — IP67 protection rating

- in milled furniture holes,
- on the walls,
- on ceilings,
- advertising,
- industrial premises and commercial spaces,
- shops, restaurants, cafes

Neutral white Flex LED neon can be used as decorative lighting in living rooms. The neutral color is the most universal, similar to daylight.


Color Neutral
Neon color temperature 4200K ± 10%
Color temperature of the light source 5000K ± 10%
Power 10.8W/m
Tension 24V DC
Number of LEDs 126/m
Cutting step 5.5cm
*Ra ≥80
*Total luminous flux 1376lm/m
*Luminous efficacy 127.4lm/W
Water resistance class IP67
Temperature range -25 ÷ 45°C
Warranty 36 months

*The value provided applies to the light source