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Hanging tube for busbar 240x60 black

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The shape of the housing Round
The color of the housing Black
Number of busbars phases 1

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The shape of the housing

The color of the housing

Number of busbars phases

Product description

HANGING housing. Mounted to a dedicated power rail. Allows a lot of freedom of positioning in the space on the fixing line of the rail. The GU10 LED light bulb and power rail are not included in the fixture. It is possible to replace the light bulb.


Voltage 220-240V 50Hz (AC)
Maximum power 30W
Bulb connector GU10
Power connector contacts cooperating with a dedicated power rail
Housing color black
Housing shape Round base - cylinder
Dimensions and material cylinder Ø 60 mm, h 240 mm. Power cable length up to 1500mm. Aluminum.
IP IP20, must be protected from moisture
Security declarations CE, RoHS
Warranty 2 years