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LED Strip PRO 3Y 24V 300 LED 2835 SMD 6W, Neutral white

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Degree of protection IP20
Number of LEDs 300 LED
Type Diodes SMD 2835
Warranty 5 years
Hue Neutral
Color Temperature 4000K
Voltage 24V
Power 6 W/m
CRI 80
Cutting section 100mm
Lifetime 26200
Roll length 5m

300 LED 2835 SMD PCB 10 mm 3oz Neutral white 

in meters
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Degree of protection

Number of LEDs

Type Diodes



Color Temperature




Cutting section


Roll length

Product description

The 3Y series of LED strips are strips with an extended warranty period. For tapes with protection class IP65 and IP65HS, the warranty period is 3 years, for IP20 tapes, it is a 5-year warranty! Additionally, 3Y series tapes are characterized by lower voltage drops thanks to the PCB backing used with 3oz copper. The tapes have double-sided Blue Tape mounting tape.

Neutral white

Neutral white color is closest to daylight. It is the most universal color that can be used in almost any room, especially in places where we stay for a long time.

IP20 LED strip

The IP20 parameter for LED strips determines the most popular degree of tightness available on the market. IP20 LED strips are intended for use wherever there is no risk of excessive moisture or exposure to water. An LED strip with this tightness class allows exposure to dry dust and dirt thanks to the protective layer covered with the LEDs mounted on the strip. 

24V LED strips – lower voltage drops

24V LED strips are an increasingly popular choice among professionals designing LED lighting systems. Thanks to the use of increased voltage, the LED strip allows the use of longer sections without the risk of voltage drops, which manifest themselves in asymmetrical light intensity over the entire section of the LED strip. Please remember that the choice of a 24V LED strip is related to the selection of the appropriate LED power supply.

See colors in their natural shades

When choosing an LED strip, it is worth paying attention to the CRI parameter, the value of which determines how close the light color is to natural daylight. This affects the way our eyes perceive illuminated objects. The value of the RA parameter is measured in the range from 0 to 100, where the maximum result reflects the effect of daylight. This is the most desirable value. LED strips with a parameter above CRI>80 allow for natural color reproduction on illuminated objects. 

Requires installation of a power supply

LED strips are light sources powered by low, so-called safe voltage. This means that to install an LED lighting system, we need a power supply that allows the mains voltage to be reduced to the voltage required by the product being installed. In the case of LED strips, we are talking about 12V or 24V voltage. When choosing a power supply, it is also necessary to calculate the power of the power supply, which results from the length and power of the LED strip used. When selecting an LED power supply, after calculating the required power, it is good practice to increase the value by approx. 10%

Why is it worth choosing the professional version of the LED strip?

Professional LED strips are a proven and thoroughly tested product in our photometric laboratory. Many years of experience in the lighting industry have allowed us to refine important details regarding high-quality LED strips and their long life.

Professional tapes, different from Standard tapes, have a higher luminous flux, thanks to which, despite using the same LED strip power, the light emitted by a professional tape can be up to half as much as that of a Standard tape.

An additional advantage of using professional tape is that the life of the tape is more than twice as long.

Another advantageous feature of professional tapes is their repeatability. The selection of diodes is at a much higher level, thanks to which we can obtain a uniform color along the entire length of the tape (+- 10%).