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Where to use LED strips

Using LED strips in the kitchen, bathroom or garage


The strips available on the market can be used in the home to illuminate rooms, furniture, suspended ceilings, decorative elements on the wall, as well as to illuminate various types of specialist offices, production halls or public spaces.



LED lighting - where to place

Where you can place an LED strip depends on its parameters, most importantly, on the level of water resistance. This parameter is determined by the IP rating: the higher its value, the higher the waterproofing of the LED strip is. When installing strips in places exposed to water, use strips of at least IP65. Protection against water is provided by a layer of silicone, which causes a gradual decrease in the effectiveness of the LED diodes (due to greater heating within the protective layer causing gradual damage) with the increase in the degree of protection. You can choose Heat Shrink strips with a thinner layer of IP protection, which maintains higher efficiency and a good amount of protection against water.

Find out more about the waterproof ratings of LED strips in the article "LED strip – What does the IP rating tell us?"


LED strips in the kitchen


Oświetlenie LED do kuchni – taśmy LED po półkami


Lighting the work surface in the kitchen is extremely important. Properly chosen lighting can greatly improve working conditions. The space under the cabinets is the most frequently chosen place for placing LED lighting as this is where the worktop is located. Due to the presence of the cabinets above, the illumination by the main light is limited, which makes it necessary to use additional lighting. It is worth using LED lighting profiles for the best visual effect. They will allow for aesthetic assembly of the strip and additional protection against factors such as water vapour.


LED lighting in the suspended ceiling in the kitchen


Oświetlenie LED do kuchni sufitowe – wyspa LED


Suspended ceilings are a common element in homes and apartments. No wonder, as this structure not only has a positive effect on the aesthetics, but also gives space to hide power supplies or cables. The placement of the strip in this place is extremely simple due to the possibility of concealing the power supply.


LED strips in the bathroom


Oświetlenie LED do łazienki – taśma LED w suficie, w podłodze, lampa z profilu LED


Despite the fact that the elements in the bathroom are exposed to water, LED strips can be successfully used in this room. It is important for the strips to have an appropriate degree of water resistance. However, you do not have to limit yourself to standard solutions such as mirror or suspended ceiling lighting. The strip housed in the LUMINES TERRA profile can even be placed on the shower wall.
* To increase the IP value of the profile, it is necessary to install the profile with a dedicated cover. The profile is not fully waterproof and cannot be submerged in water for a long time.


Profil LED w łazience – montaż pod prysznicem


How to install the LED strips in furniture?

Installation of the LED strips in furniture is possible thanks to LUMINES aluminium profiles. Among the wide range of profiles, you can find those that are dedicated for use in furniture - furniture profiles. The profile can be placed in a previously drilled hole, using assembly brackets, or adhered directly to the surface. Using COSMO profiles as a bar for a wardrobe with clothes with an open door sensor is an elegant solution. How to install LED lighting with a sensor in a wardrobe? This question is best answered by Jarek Ostaszewski from the "House and wood" channel.



LED lighting for shops


Taśmy LED w oświetleniu półek sklepowych


The installation of LED strips is not only limited to houses and apartments. When illuminating large spaces such as shops, the obvious choice is to use LED panels. However, there are a wide range of possibilities to choose from. When an LED strip is mounted in an aluminium profile, the application possibilities are almost endless and can be used, for example, to illuminate shelves and displays.


LED lighting for the garage


Taśmy LED w garażu – oświetlenie główne


A garage is another room in which the use of the LED strips may not be an obvious solution. However, by using the appropriate LED profiles, it is possible to create the primary source lighting in a room without any access to sunlight.


LED strips under the ceiling


Taśmy LED pod sufitem jako alternatywa sztukaterii


Illumination of a suspended ceiling with LED strips is relatively simple. But what if the conditions do not allow the this style of installation? LUMINES CONVA and LUMINES LOGI profiles are the solution to this. Installation of long sections of profiles makes it possible to create a line of light around the entire ceiling, which is a modern alternative to traditional ceiling decoration.