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SWITCH dimmer with button DELAY OFF

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Product description

The controller has a delay off function responsible for gradual dimming of the lighting when turned off. Thanks to the delay off function, we can freely leave the illuminated room.

SWITCH switch with PWM 12/24V DC dimmer intended for single-color LED strips. The switch is suitable for installation in a LUMINES aluminum profile with internal dimensions over 10 mm. The place where the plaque is located is illuminated by one LED. The switch is a very aesthetic and practical solution, e.g. when using LED lighting above the kitchen counter. The switch can be mounted in the profile behind the lampshade. The lampshade requires drilling a hole in the place where the button is located.


The mounting hole to suit the size of the switch should be made in the lampshade. Pressing the switch turns the lighting on/off. Holding the switch down for more than 2 seconds will cause the LED to blink and enter the light intensity adjustment mode.


Installation des SWITCH-Controllers im LUMINES A-Profil

Installation of the SWITCH controller in the LUMINES A profile


Version touch
Tension 12V DC/ 24V DC
Max. output current 5A / 3A
Power 60W / 72W
Dimming function Yes
Dimming time (for 100% light intensity) 20 s +/- 1s
Dimming time (for 50% light intensity) 10 - 11 s
Waterproof IP20
Dimensions 50x10mm