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LED Floodligh DRAGO 3Y 100W Neutral white SMD IP65 SLIM, black

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PIR floodlights No
Hue Neutral
Power 100W
Total luminous flux 9400lm
Degree of protection IP65

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Degree of protection

Product description

LED floodlight with a power of 100W and a total luminous flux of 9400 lm (usable luminous flux 120° 8200 lm). The dimensions of the floodlight are 270x210x34mm. It will work well as lighting for advertising billboards, parking lots, workshops and yards. It has mounting brackets.

100W IP65 LED floodlight

DRAGO 100W LED floodlight is characterized by a high luminous flux, which allows for accurate illumination of the space. The floodlight lamp emits neutral white light, similar to daylight. Thanks to this, it is not tiring for the eyes. The floodlight housing is made of cast aluminum and the lampshade is made of tempered glass. The materials from which the floodlight is made make it resistant to accidental mechanical damage. The floodlight dissipates heat well, which extends the life of the LEDs. The grooved shade ensures appropriate light dispersion and reduces glare. The built-in vent valve allows you to regulate the pressure inside the housing, which prevents water vapor from condensing. The floodlight has a built-in power supply system, therefore it is powered by mains voltage. The power supply system is characterized by a wide input voltage range, which allows the device to operate even in the event of mains voltage fluctuations. LED floodlights have a mechanical resistance class of IK07.

LED floodlights are safe for the environment – do not contain mercury!
The LED floodlight has a protection class of IP65. We recommend protecting it from long-term exposure to direct contact with water.


Red shade


Metal cable gland and rubber cable insulation. A vent valve that regulates the pressure inside the casing