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Stellar LED street lamp 150W 16500lm NW IP65

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Hue Neutral
Power 150W
Total luminous flux 16500lm
Degree of protection IP65
Warranty 36 months
CRI >70
Mechanical resistance class IK08

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Total luminous flux

Degree of protection



Mechanical resistance class

Product description

Stellar LED street lamp will be suitable for lighting squares, private parking lots, garages, properties, terraces and outbuildings. The power cord is placed entirely in the housing. This prevents its damage when changing the angle of the light source. When the lamp is mounted, the mounting holes are placed in the lower part. Such placement prevents its damage due to the impact of outdoor conditions. The housing made of aluminum dissipates heat well, increasing the life of the built-in LEDs. The lamp features a mechanical resistance class equal to IK08, making it resistant to mechanical damage. A polycarbonate diffuser seals the housing, allowing for an IP65 protection rating. The lamps come with a 3-year warranty. 

The Stellar LED street lamp has an IP65 protection rating. We recommend protecting it from prolonged exposure to direct contact with water.


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