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LED Strip PRO 3YB 12V 300 LED 2835 SMD 6W, Cold white IP65HS

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Degree of protection IP65HS
Number of LEDs 300 LED
Type Diodes SMD 2835
Warranty 3 years
Hue Cold White
Color Temperature 6500K
Voltage 12V
Power 6 W/m
CRI 80
Cutting section 100mm
Lifetime 20000

in meters
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Degree of protection

Number of LEDs

Type Diodes



Color Temperature




Cutting section


Product description

The 3Y Basic LED strips feature a 3-year warranty. LED strips of this series are embedded on a 2oz copper PCB substrate. The LED strip is equipped with a double-sided Blue Tape mounting strip.

Cold white color

Lighting with a cold white color has stimulating properties. Such lighting is used in workplaces, offices or co-working spaces. Cool shades of light give the impression of sterility, so they are often used in cosmetic, dental or medical offices.

LED strip for use in places exposed to moisture

The IP65 Heat Shrink LED strips are an enhanced moisture and splash resistance products. Thanks to the use of a special thermo-retractable band, which differs in its characteristics from the traditional silicone coating found in waterproof strips, it is a cutting edge solution that allows for better colour integrity than the classic IP65 LED strips. Such a solution allows high light parameters to be retained wherever increased resistance to moisture and splashes is required.

See colors in their natural shades

Vivid colours at your home, thanks to high CRI strip. The index indicates the difference between the colour of an illuminated object and its colour in natural light. The higher the parameter, the more natural the colours are. CRI >80 means a better appearance of food, clothing and other objects.

Requires installation of a power supply

LED strips are powered by low, safe voltage. You need a power supply to connect them. The choice of power supply depends on the parameters of the LED strip. 12V tapes require a power supply with an output voltage of 12V. Another important aspect is appropriate power. The power of the power supply must be adapted to the power and length of the tape being installed. If the length of the LED strip is 5 m, the power of the LED strip should be multiplied by 5. It is worth adding 10% of the power reserve. Our offer includes furniture, hermetic and slim power supplies: their choice depends on the installation location.

LED drivers - greater control over light

Control LED strips in a convenient way: using hand movement, voice or remote control. The drivers allow you to use all the possibilities offered by LED technology. The controller can be placed in a profile, where it can be controlled using a button or a motion sensor. It can also be hidden with the power supply and controlled via radio waves. There are also WiFI drivers that allow voice control using voice assistants and devices running on Android and iOS systems. The possibilities are almost endless.