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Mi-Light remote RF 2.4G 4-ZONE RGB

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Type Pilot/Panel
Group Mi-Light
Controll RGB/RGBW

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Product description

 Drivers MiBOXER are products of modern and modernist appearance and the interesting and innovative mode of action. The combination of the remote control receiver is via radio waves with a frequency of 2.4GHz. 

Remote control for tapes RGB / W has a novel solution to mounting lighting elements. On the remote control, there can be four separate zones and each zone can be assigned a user-selectable receivers MiBOXER series ( sold personal ), and therefore can be configured is virtually infinite. In addition to the receivers, there is also the possibility of pairing bulbs and lamps series MiBOXER available on our website.  

Many zones - one remote control.
MiBOXER Series is a solution for people who value modern solutions, minimalism but also the simplicity of installation. Replace many pilots in his apartment for one 4 control zones. Kitchen, bedroom, hallway, bathroom and perhaps a suspended ceiling, lighting, furniture and TV? The configuration is optional, limited only by your imagination. Its range is almost 30m!