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10-0094-20 EAN: 5901854774114

Lumines profile type Y anodized silver, 2,02 m

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Purpose Furniture
Type of assembly surface
Profile length 2m
Color Silver (anodized)
System Y

Lumines Y-profile surface.


Silver (anodized)
Inox (anodized)
Black (anodized)
White (lacquered)
Available variants:


Type of assembly

Profile length


Product description

Lumines Y aluminum profile designed for surface mounting.

It is an innovative product in the lighting market. One of the most modern designs. Extremely interesting and modern design profile, allows customers to meet the needs posed by the use of LED strips in the creation of the light. By increasing the dimension of the side wall profile is of uniform more focused light without visible LEDs (using milk lens BASIC). Profile retains the impression of discreet luminaires and the LED strip is ideal for decorative highlights in the furniture and the interior finishes.

Color varieties:
- raw,
- anodized silver,
- anodized black,
- anodized stainless steel,
- painted white (RAL9016)

- double-sided tape
- mounting brackets

- diffuser BASIC PMMA - transparent, frozen, milky, milky frosted, lens 15, lens 30, black
- diffuser BASIC PC - milk, frozen, transparent
  (mounted from push-up)
- dedicated plug profiles with cover BASIC 5 color variations (with hole, no hole),
- the mounting brackets to the profiles of the diffuser BASIC three color variations - transparent, white and black.

Profile sold in lengths: 1000 mm, 2020 mm, 3000 mm. 

Installation instructions for profile Y with a BASIC cover using (1) a double-sided tape, (2) a mounting clip Y, (3) an assembly profile Y M1 and a metal mounting clip Y

The result of installation of profile Y with BASIC cover, using (1) a double-sided tape, (2) a mounting clip Y, (3) an assembly profile Y M1 and a metal mounting clip Y


Connecting profiles Y with a BASIC cover at 90 degrees

The end result of installation of recessed profile Y with BASIC cover between two plasterboards



Assembly scheme for elements of the lighting system using profile Y and (1) a BASIC cover, (2) a LED strip, (3) an end cap without hole, (3a) an end cap with hole, (4) a mounting screw, (5) a mounting clip Y