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TOUCH DUAL COLOR with dimmer

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Dual Color Touch switch with dimmer

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Product description

Dual Color Touch switch with a dimmer, is designed to switch on and off and dimming two-color LED strips (heat / cold) placed in aluminum profile.

The switch can be mounted in a profile with diffuser. A place where the sensor LED lights. 
It is used in kitchen countertops and lighting work, lighting, furniture.
It is equipped with adhesive tape, which enables a stable mounting in the profile.

Instructions for Use
By briefly pressing the button 2 Turn on the light, and a white color increments select cold water, hot or neutral. In addition, long press the button, a smooth transition from color neutral warm through the cold. Button 1 turns off the lighting, in addition longer hold to smooth dimming LED lighting.
ATTENTION! In the absence of reaction to movement switch disconnect power, wait 30 sec. and reconnect the power.

voltage: 12/24 VDC                
Output voltage: 12 / 24VDC                                             
Protection: IP40                           
Load: 12V DC - max 5A (2.5A per channel) (60W)
                    for 24 V DC - max 3A (1.5A per channel) (72W)