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TOUCH DUAL COLOR with dimmer

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Dual Color Touch switch with dimmer

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Product description

TOUCH Dual Color switch with dimmer is intended for switching on and off and dimming two-color LED strips (warm/cold) placed in an aluminum profile. The switch can be mounted in a profile with a lampshade. The place where the sensor is located is illuminated by an LED. It is used to illuminate kitchen and worktops and furniture lighting. It is equipped with adhesive tape that allows stable installation in the profile.

Instructions for use

Button 1 turns off the lighting, and a longer press causes smooth dimming of the LED lighting. By briefly pressing button 2, we turn on the lighting and step by step select cold, warm or neutral white. Additionally, holding the button longer causes a smooth transition from warm to neutral to cold. 


ATTENTION! If the switch does not respond to movement, disconnect the power supply and wait 30 seconds. and turn the power back on.


Installation des Dual Touch Controllers im LUMINES A-Profil

Installation of the Dual Touch controller in the LUMINES A profile


Version touch
Tension 12V / 24V
Max. output current 5A / 3A
Power 60W / 72W
Dimming function Yes
Waterproof IP20
Dimensions 70x10mm