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10-0450-30 EAN: 5902973363135

Lumines profile type H nonanodized, 3 m

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Purpose Furniture
Type of assembly surface
Profile length 3m
Color Raw
System H

H-profile for surface application


Silver (anodized)
Inox (anodized)
Black (anodized)
White (lacquered)
Available variants:


Type of assembly

Profile length


Product description

H profile is an aluminum profile angled surface 30/60. Lighting kitchens, bays cabinets, countertops. Asymmetrically constructed to apply different illumination angles.

Profile comes in five colors:
- nonanodized,
- anodized silver,
- anodized black,
- anodized inox,
- lacquered white (RAL9016)

Profile is available in standard lengths:1000 mm, 2020 mm, 3000 mm.

- double sided tape
- assembly adhesive

Accessories for Lumines profile H

Diffuser (covers):
- diffuser BASIC PVC - milk, frozen, transparent
- diffuser BASIC PMMA - transparent, frozen, milky, milky frosted, lens 15, lens 30, black
- diffuser BASIC PC - milk, frozen, transparent
  (mounted from push-up)

Aluminium caps with or without a hole in 2 color variations (black, silver).
Available in a variant with a hole and without hole.

Plastic caps with push-hole in 4 color variations (white, black, inox, silver)

CH handle
CH metal handle
CH handle angle

contactless switch,

Installation Instructions profile H of the diffuser BASIC double sided tape Installation




Instructions profile H 60 ° and 30 ° with diffuser BASIC with (1) the mounting bracket CH of plastic (2) of the metal mounting bracket CH




Scheme assembly elements of the lighting system using the profile of H and (1) BASIC lens (2) LED strip (3) with an opening trasowanym caps (4) of metal mounting brackets CH