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LUMINES BASIC cover milky 3 m

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Length [m] 3 m
Cover materials PVC
Cover shapes Basic
Cover colors Milk
System A, Z, Q18, W, COSMO, RETO, MONO, TIANO, FLARO, APA12, APA16, IPA12, IPA16

BASIC lenses made of PVC. Shades fit to the BASIC profiles furniture Lumines ABCDGYZ. 

Available variants:

Length [m]


Cover materials

Cover shapes

Cover colors

Product description

BASIC lenses Lumines profiles are flat przesłonki made of PVC plastic. They are available in three varieties differing in the degree of light transmission material, and chill. 

Kolorytyczne varieties:

- transparent - completely transparent
- iced - translucent, gently diffusing light
- milk - white przesłonka - the interior of the profile is not visible, very well scatters light points.


Przesłonki are mounted on the interference from the front (top) profile.

Przesłonki sold in lengths: 1000 mm, 2020 mm, 2900 mm.
There possible to cut to any size,
up to 3100 mm - (own pick plant)