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LED Strip PRO 3Y 24V 300 LED 2835 SMD 6W, Cold white IP65HS

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Degree of protection IP65HS
Number of LEDs 300 LED
Type Diodes SMD 2835
Warranty 3 years
Hue Cold White
Color Temperature 6500K
Voltage 24V
Power 6 W/m
CRI 80
Cutting section 100mm
Lifetime 26200
Roll length 5m

300 LED 2835 SMD PCB 10 mm 3oz Cold white IP65 HS

in meters
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Type Diodes



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Product description

3Y LED strips are strips with a PCB backing containing 3oz copper, which reduces voltage drops. The tapes are covered by an extended warranty (5 years for IP20 tapes and 3 years for IP65HS tapes). Each tape in this series is equipped with Blue Tape mounting tape.

Cold white

The cold white color of the LED strip introduces a blue-like glow into the room. It will be used where focus and sterility are needed, e.g. in medical or dental offices.

IP65HS LED strip

The LED strip with IP65HS protection class is covered with a heat-shrinkable band that tightly covers the strip. This provides increased protection against moisture. Because the heat shrink band is thinner than the silicone layer, IP65HS tapes are characterized by higher brightness than tapes with the same parameters with IP65 protection.

24V LED strips – lower voltage drops

The choice of 24V LED strips is a solution increasingly chosen by professionals. Thanks to the use of higher voltage, the designed LED lighting system allows for the installation of longer sections of LED strip without the risk of voltage drops at the ends of the strip sections. Due to lower power consumption, 24V LED strips also allow the use of smaller cables, which can be helpful when designing installations. This allows you to hide the wires more easily. 24V LED strips are becoming more and more popular on the market. 

See colors in their natural shades

The color rendering index CRI is a parameter that provides information about how the colors of illuminated objects are perceived. The parameter value ranges from 0 to 100, where the higher the value, the better the real colors of objects are reproduced. A value of 100 means that colors are perceived as if they were illuminated by daylight. Thanks to the high CRI value (80 Ra), food looks more appetizing and items on store shelves have real colors.

Requires installation of a power supply

The LED strip requires a low DC voltage of 24V. In order for the tape to be powered from the mains, it is necessary to install a power supply. The choice of power supply depends on the parameters of the tape. The first is tension. It is important that the output voltage of the power supply is the same as the voltage of the LED strip. The power supply must be appropriately selected due to the power of the tape. The power related to 1 meter should be multiplied by the length of the tape in meters. It is worth adding 10% power reserve. Depending on the installation location, you can choose a slim slim power supply, a waterproof hermetic power supply or a furniture power supply.

Why is it worth choosing the professional version of the LED strip?

Professional LED strips are a proven and thoroughly tested product in our photometric laboratory. Many years of experience in the lighting industry have allowed us to refine important details regarding high-quality LED strips and their long life.

Professional tapes, different from Standard tapes, have a higher luminous flux, thanks to which, despite using the same LED strip power, the light emitted by a professional tape can be up to half as much as that of a Standard tape.

An additional advantage of using professional tape is that the life of the tape is more than twice as long.

Another advantageous feature of professional tapes is their repeatability. The selection of diodes is at a much higher level, thanks to which we can obtain a uniform color along the entire length of the tape (+- 10%).