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LED Strip PRO 3Y 24V 2640 LED COB 10W, Warm white

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Degree of protection IP20
Number of LEDs 2640 LED
Type Diodes COB
Warranty 5 years
Hue Warm White
Voltage 24V
Power 10 W/m
CRI 90

LED Strip PRO 3Y 24V 2640 LED COB 10W Warm white

1 meter
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Degree of protection

Number of LEDs

Type Diodes






Product description

Professional 2640 LED COB PCB 10mm 3oz strip is one of the newest strip models available in our offer. Thanks to the increased number of LEDs, it is possible to obtain a uniform light line even with the use of a low aluminum profile, type  DZ, or SOLIS

A characteristic feature of the tape is the use of a COB (Chip on Board) diode. The use of COB technology allows to obtain a uniform line of light even when using the lowest LED profiles. An additional advantage of using COB diodes in LED strips is a wider angle of light diffusion and high luminous efficiency of ~ 105 lm / W and as much as 1050 lm / m luminous efficiency. COB LEDs emit a much better beam of light compared to older LED technologies with lower energy consumption.

Thanks to the power and density, this tape will find its application, among others as decorative lighting of large rooms with lighting of furniture, stairs, mirrors and suspended ceilings.Additionally, thanks to the 24V voltage, we can connect up to 10m of tape in one string without fear of voltage drop along the entire length of the tape.

Why is it worth choosing the professional version of LED strip? 

Profesional LED strip is a checked and tested in our photometric laboratory. Many years of experience in the lighting industry have allowed us to refine important details about high-quality LED strips and its long-term durability.

Professional tapes, unlike premium tapes, are characterized by a higher luminous flux, thanks to which, despite the use of the same LED strip power, the light output by a professional tape can be even half that of a premium tape.

An additional advantage of using a professional tape is more than twice the life of the tape. In the case of the professional version, the life of the tape is about 50,000 hours of continuous lighting, so this tape will also be used in commercial places, where it will be lit around the clock.

Another advantage of professional tapes is their repeatability. The selection of LEDs is at a much higher level, thanks to which we can obtain a uniform color along the entire length of the tape (+ - 5%).

The last very important advantage of professional tapes is the warranty period, which is 36 months, while Premium tapes are only 24 months.

Light color:

Warm white (2700K - 3500K) - recommended for private and secluded places where most the rest. The color of the LED light is very similar to the color of the light from an ordinary light bulb.

Neutral white  (4000K - 4500K) - color lights should be placed in a place where it is required invigorating work atmosphere, where our eyes will be exposed to a lot of effort. The use of this light color is important especially in autumn or winter. This light color works well for lighting: signs, road signs, for the purposes of exhibition, lighting of representation.

Cold white (5500K- 11000K) - intensely cold light having a bluish tint. Suitable rooms a more sterile, cool tone, while also adding the optically space. Also often used in dental offices, production halls. It is not recommended for home use.

The product is sold in multiple 1m. Wound up on a roll is 5m.

Diagram of connecting the controller / dimmer to the LED MONO strip (single-color)

The proposed products for the LED strip with a power of  10W/m

Power supply



LED Controller: receiver + remote