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LED Strip PRO 3Y 12V 300 LED 2835 SMD 6W, Warm white RA95

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Degree of protection IP20
Number of LEDs 300 LED
Type Diodes SMD 2835
Warranty 5 years
Hue Warm White
Color Temperature 3000K
Voltage 12V
Power 6 W/m
CRI 95
Cutting section 50mm
Lifetime 26200
Roll length 5m

PRO 3Y 12V 300 LED 2835 SMD 8W RA95 Warm white

in meters
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Product description

The 3Y LED strip series is a line of products intended for professionals. 3Y LED strips are signed with the LED Labs Lighting brand and covered by an extended warranty period. LED strips with an IP 20 rating are subject to a five-year warranty period. Thanks to the use of a PCB primer with 3oz copper, it was possible to significantly increase their service life. The 3Y series also has noticeably lower voltage drops compared to standard LED strips. The 3Y series LED strips are finished with a professional Blue Tape mounting tape, allowing immediate application in a cleaned LED profile.

Warm white color

Warm white LED strips are a good choice wherever we design rooms for everyday home activities. The warm white color has a calming and relaxing effect, even with long exposure to light. The warm white color works very well as main lighting and in places where we are looking for accent lighting for selected objects or entire furniture.

IP20 LED strip

IP20 LED strips are the most commonly used LED strips. Wherever there is no exposure to moisture and water, they are a long-lasting choice. The lack of a cover to strengthen waterproofness improves heat dissipation from the LED strip, which translates into the life expectancy of the LED strip. The LED strip in strips with IP20 tightness perfectly copes with dust and dry contaminants thanks to the protective layer covering the LED diodes.

See colors in their natural shades

CRI is a parameter that informs about the degree of color rendering of the illuminated object. This parameter provides us with information about the extent to which the colors of the object differ from those we see when it is illuminated by daylight. The CRI coefficient above 95 allows for excellent color rendering of the illuminated elements. Places illuminated by artificial light look as if they were illuminated by natural daylight. The LED strip will be used where showing the actual color is extremely important, e.g. in shop windows.   


300 LED 2835 SMD strip

Diode 2835 - it is an energy-saving diode of small size. It is a more powerful alternative to the 3528 diode. Visible light points in the LED strip are the result of the point arrangement of LED diodes. The more diodes there are on the strip, the more uniform the light we will obtain. Strips with a density of 60 LEDs per meter enable a uniform line of light. To avoid visible light points, it is recommended to use an LED profile with an appropriate lampshade.

Requires installation of a power supply

Installation of an LED lighting system based on LED strips requires the installation of a power supply that allows you to reduce the mains voltage to 12 or 24V depending on the LED strips used. When designing LED lighting, it is worth remembering that the power supply is an integral part of the entire system, the efficient functioning of which is related not only to the selection of a professional LED strip, but also a reliable LED power supply. Power supplies are installed in invisible, often hard-to-reach places, so it is very important that when choosing an LED power supply, you make a choice that allows for many years of operation. The choice of power supply depends on the power of the LED strip, its voltage and installation length. It is also worth paying attention to the shape and size of the power supply to ensure the most convenient installation.   

Why is it worth choosing the professional version of the LED strip?

Professional LED strips are a proven and thoroughly tested product in our photometric laboratory. Many years of experience in the lighting industry have allowed us to refine important details regarding high-quality LED strips and their long-term durability.

Professional tapes, different from Standard tapes, have a higher luminous flux, thanks to which, despite using the same LED strip power, the light emitted by a professional tape can be up to half as much as that of a Standard tape.

An additional advantage of using professional tape is that the life of the tape is more than twice as long.

Another advantageous feature of professional tapes is their repeatability. The selection of diodes is at a much higher level, thanks to which we can obtain a uniform color along the entire length of the tape (+- 10%).