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LED Strip 60LED/m 2835 SMD 12V Cold White 50m

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Degree of protection IP20
Type Diodes SMD 2835
Warranty 2 years
Hue Cold White
Color Temperature 6500K
Voltage 12V
Power 4,8 W/m
CRI 80
Lifetime 15000
Roll length 5m
Roll length 50m

in meters
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Degree of protection

Type Diodes



Color Temperature





Roll length

Product description

LED strips are a solution that will work in almost any space. The use of LED strips can serve a purely decorative function or constitute the main light source in extensive LED lighting systems. Illuminating a darkened space under kitchen cabinets is one of the standard projects that allows the use of a low-voltage LED light source. They allow you to illuminate hard-to-reach work spaces under countertops or interior finishing elements. LED strips are a simple and quick way to provide additional lighting to any space.

Cold white color

The cold white color of LED light allows you to achieve a clean effect. LED strips emitting cold white color allow for concentration and deep work, which is why we often find this color in light sources intended for study or work. However, if you are looking for lighting to accompany you during the day, it is worth considering a natural or warm color. 

See colors in their natural shades

When choosing an LED strip, it is worth paying attention to the CRI parameter, the value of which determines how close the light color is to natural daylight. This affects the way our eyes perceive illuminated objects. The value of the RA parameter is measured in the range from 0 to 100, where the maximum result reflects the effect of daylight. This is the most desirable value. LED strips with a parameter above CRI>80 allow for natural color reproduction on illuminated objects. 



The LED strip is not protected against water and solid particles. The tape should not be used in places with high humidity.

Power supply required

Installation of LED strips requires an LED power supply that allows the transformation of the mains voltage into a low, safe output voltage corresponding to the voltage of the LED strip. When selecting a power supply, remember to calculate the appropriate power supply power.