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LED Strip 1600 LED COB 12V Warm White RA90

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Degree of protection IP20
Number of LEDs 1600 LED
Type Diodes COB
Warranty 2 years
Hue Warm White
Color Temperature 3000K
Voltage 12V
Power 10 W/m
CRI 90
Lifetime 30000
Roll length 5m

in meters
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Type Diodes



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Roll length

Product description

The Standard series are LED strips with averaged performance and a standard two-year warranty period. They will be ideal for industrial and semi-professional applications. Looking for a compromise of high performance with the right price, the Standard series LED strips are an excellent choice.

Warm white color

Light of warm white color is most similar to the light of traditional light bulbs. Using warm lighting will make the room more cozy.

See colors in their natural shades

The CRI value ranges from 0 to 100, with a value of 100 indicating colour reproduction at the level of natural daylight. Most LED products have a CRI of 80, which can be considered suitable for indoor use. A level of 90 and above allows for near-perfect colour reproduction and will work well even in the most demanding areas.


IP20-rated strips are recommended for use in areas where there is no moisture and high pollution. The lack of silicone shielding, found in IP65 strips, makes the strip better at dissipating heat, which extends its life.

Power supply required

Installation of LED strips combines with the need for the LED power supply that allows a low output voltage corresponding to the voltage of the LED strip used. When choosing the LED power supply, we must also remember to calculate the necessary wattage of power supplies.