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LED Module GOQ SAMSUNG 3xLED 150 degrees Blue

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Color temperature Blue
Power consumption 0,72W
Number of LEDs 3
Beam angle 150°

Module GOQ SAMSUNG 3xLED Green 150 degrees.

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Product description

GOQ SAMSUNG 3xLED 150 degrees Blue module is a product based on SAMSUNG LEDs. LED modules are designed to illuminate block letters and light boxes.

GOQ modules are equipped with light-scattering lenses, thanks to which they have a larger lighting angle. Their use in illuminated advertisements allows for uniform illumination of the surface and reduces the risk of visible light spots.

LED modules are characterized by greater assembly flexibility compared to LED strips. Individual modules can be connected in a chain of up to 50 pieces, which allows you to illuminate even complex, shape-wise light boxes.

The modules have a high degree of protection IP68. They can be used outdoors and are resistant to weather conditions. A special housing protects electronic components, which means that they are protected against mechanical damage. LED modules have antistatic and anti-shock properties.

Product technical information: 
- maximum number of modules in the chain - 50 pcs.
- three super bright SMD LEDs in each module,
- total power consumption of modules: less than 80% of the rated power of the power supply,
- self-adhesive double-sided tape for easy installation
- reliable connection of modules - parallel galvanic (soldered),
- a special housing protecting the module electronics against mechanical damage.

Color Blue
Voltage: 12V DC
Power: 0.72 W
Electricity consumption: 60 mA
Beam angle: 150 degrees
Operating temperature: -30 ~ 85°C
Dimensions: 66 x 15 x 8.5 mm
Diode type: 5252 SMD Samsung
Tightness class: IP68
Cable length: 100 mm
Weight: 8g
Warranty: 5 years