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12V PIR motion sensor with cable

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Group Motion Sensor

The motion sensor detector with 12V on the cable.

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Product description

Miniature model of PIR sensor designed for 12V DC, created to provide full automation of lighting in the home, business, stairwell, etc.. Thanks to its small size it can be installed in inaccessible places.

The sensor consists of two components: the control unit and a miniature PIR. Inside the detector mounted light sensor, so the sensor connected to the lighting will not be switched on during the day.

The sensor can work in parallel with a plurality of sensors, for example. Stair for controlling lighting.


Power supply: 12V DC
Maximum load: 60W
Detection angle: 100 °
Range: 8m adjustable
Dimensions: ECU: 56x34x24mm, PIR: fi = 22x29mm