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11-1011-10 EAN: 5901854772110

LUMINES BASIC cover milky 1 m

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Cover length 1 m
Cover materials PVC
Cover shapes Basic
Cover colors Milk
System A, B, C, D, G, H, Y, Z, Q18, W, COSMO, RETO, MONO, TIANO, FLARO, APA12, APA16, IPA12, IPA16, J, Q20

Covers BASIC diffusers are dedicated to LUMINES profiles: A, B, C, D, G, Y, Z, Q18, Q20, W, J, COSMO, RETO, MONO, TIANO, FLARO, APA12, APA16, IPA12, IPA16.

Available variants:

Cover length


Cover materials

Cover shapes

Cover colors

Product description

BASIC lampshades for LUMINES profiles are flat covers made of plastic. Available in several versions differing in the degree of light transmittance and whitening of the material

Color varieties:

- transparent - completely transparent
- frozen - semi-transparent, gently scattering light
- milky - white cover - the inside of the profile is invisible, it disperses light points very well.
- milky frosted
- black


Material Permeability
transparent PVC 88%
frozen PVC 66%
milky PVC 44%
transparent PMMA 95%
frozen PMMA 78%
milky PMMA 51%
frosted milky PMMA 83%
transparent PC 92%
frozen PC 67%
milky PC 36%
black PMMA 24%
Fractal PC clear 92%
Fractal PC opal 69%

Assembly method:

The covers are pressed into place from the front (top) of the profile.

Displays sold in sections*: 1000 mm, 2020 mm, 3000 mm.
Possibility to purchase longer episodes after contacting the service office.

*tolerance +5mm