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LED Strip 300 LED 60 LED/m 3528 SMD, Blue IP65

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Degree of protection IP65
Number of LEDs 300 LED
Type Diodes SMD 3528
Warranty 2 years
Hue Blue
Voltage 12V
Power 4,8 W/m
Lifetime 15000

Tape 300 LED 60 LED / m 3528 SMD, Blue, Waterproof IP65.

in meters
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Degree of protection

Number of LEDs

Type Diodes






Product description

Standard LED strips with a two-year warranty are a product intended for semi-professional and industrial applications. The performance of the belts is average and corresponds to the standard performance parameters available on the market. Thanks to the good price-quality ratio, Standard LED strips are a frequent choice of buyers.

Thanks to its small width, the LED strip can be installed almost anywhere. Thanks to the wide availability of colors and colors, it can serve as decorative lighting or be part of the main task lighting. The additional use of profiles allows you to create extensive lighting installations tailored to individual needs. 

Blue LED strip

The blue LED strip is intended as a decorative element inside rooms, for arranging accent lighting or furniture lighting. The blue color is relaxing and calming, perfect for rooms such as the bedroom. Thanks to its color, it will improve the quality of sleep, allowing for deeper rest. It is a good solution in places where we need concentration for intellectual exercise, so it will be a very good solution as additional lighting in a child's room or office.


The IP65 LED strip allows for installation in rooms with increased exposure to splashes, such as a bathroom or around the garage floor. The increased IP level was achieved thanks to the use of a special silicone layer.  

Power adapter required

The LED strip requires the installation of a power supply. The output voltage of the power supply must be equal to 12V. The power of the power supply should be selected based on the length of the LED strip section.