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LED LED W5W 9x5050 SMD 12V DC Cold white CANBUS

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Handle W5W
Hue Cold White

Car LED bulb W5W 9x5050 SMD DC 12V Cold White CANBUS.

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Product description

These bulbs are the perfect replacement for conventional automotive lamps.

Typical use bulbs W5W:
- filament heater,
- the interior light of the vehicle,
- illumination of registration,
- the backlight lower door,
- illumination surface of the trunk.

The bulb is polarized - that is, if when inserted is off, it must be fitted vice versa.

CAN BUS - bulbs work with rail CANbus.
Ordinary led bulbs that do not have built-in resistance consume so little power that the diagnostics system of burnt bulbs interprets them as none / burnt bulb. In this situation, you must install the bulb rail cooperating with CANbus.

Technical parameters:

replacement: T10
Tension: 12 V
Diameter: 12 mm
Length: 36 mm
Power output: 2
Color: cold white
Canbus: Yes
Warranty: 24 months