LED strip - a compendium of knowledge

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                            LED strip - a compendium of knowledge
The main differentiating factor is the type of mounting the LED strips. Otherwise we connect the strips of one color, and different tape RGB. In the case of RGB LED strip you need a special controller that allows to obtain various colors and effects, for example. Smoother transition between the different colors or adjust light intensity.


 Dig. 1. Example of a strip using RGB LED brand LED Labs in Cracow music club RESPECT.

The table below shows the general classification of LED strips, with its most important parameters. Detailed information on the individual LED strips can be found in our data sheets.

  Single-color LED strips RGB LED stripes
Name 150 LED 3528 SMD 300 LED 3528 SMD 150 LED 5050 SMD 300 LED 5050 SMD 150 LED 5050 SMD 300 LED 5050 SMD
Number of LEDs 30 LED/m 60 LED/m 30 LED/m 60 LED/m 30 LED/m 60 LED/m
Type Diodes 3528 SMD 3528 SMD 5050 SMD 5050 SMD 5050 SMD 5050 SMD
Voltage 12 V DC 12 V DC 12 V DC 12 V DC 12 V DC 12 V DC
Power Rating 2,4 W/m 4,8 W/m 7,2 W/m 14,4 W/m 7,2 W/m 14,4 W/m

1. Selection of the power supply

Once you have decided on a specific tape, we proceed to select the appropriate adapter. We need to calculate the minimum power that must have a power supply that has served us chosen by the tape. Will serve this simple formula:

 P = Pm * l


P - power which must have a power supply;

Pm - the power consumption of one meter strip chosen by us (the last row in the table above);

l - length of the strip, which will supply the power supply.

We decided to strip 300 LED 3528 SMD in blue. Is read from the table the power consumption of such a meter tape. This is Pm = 4.8 [W / m]. The length of which we are interested in this example. L = 4 [m]. Using the above equation is calculated:

P = 4.8 * 4 = 19.2 [A]

We therefore need a power supply that has a power of at least 19.2 in the

second selection driver for RGB LED strips

 Fig. 2. The radio controller 3x4A 12V DC.

If we chose the one-color LED strip, we skip this step and go to step: connection of LED strips. In the case of RGB LED strip we will still need the driver. The controller dopiera a similar way to the power supply. It must have at least the power that gets chosen by our LED strip of a predetermined length by us. Its value is calculated in the previous step. It can happen, however, that the length of RGB LED strips, and thus the power drawn by it will exceed the capacity of the controller. Such a situation has been provided for RGB signal amplifier. This amplifier also has a declared maximum power, but it differs from the controller that the RGB signal is passed to it from the main controller RGB LED. By using a signal amplifier so there is no need to use several controllers,

3. Connect the LED strips

We have all the necessary information, so we go to the assembly. It is shown in the following scheme, a method of connecting a single colored strip of the power supply.


1. SMD Diodes
2. Cuttig
3. Resistor

Dig. 3. Scheme of connecting a single-color LED strips to the power supply.

If the length of the LED strip does not exceed five meters, installation should not cause any difficulties. But when we connect more LED strip, we need everyone up to five-meter section connected in parallel to the power supply (exactly as illustrated by the diagram above). To illustrate the simplicity of this approach cite an example:

We want to install the LED strip section with a length of 7 meters. Since the power supply run two branches. On one stretch of five-assemble. The remaining 2 meters assemble on the other branches. These two sections can be run in the opposite direction placing the power supply in the middle or sections placed one after the other along the conduit leading the preceding section.

This rule also applies when mounting the RGB LED strip.

4. Connection of LED strip RGB

strip RGB requires a driver. The driver are selected in the same way as the power supply. It must have at least the power that gets the tape we have chosen. The driver always install the power supply, because it operates at the same voltage of LED strip. When installing the power supply before it irreversibly uszkodzimy it.

Dig. 4. Scheme of connecting LED strips RGB to RGB controller and power supply.

The strongest tape drives provide RGB output 144 and thus will handle up to 10 m band 300 5050 SMD LED RGB or tape 150 is 20 m SMD LED 5050 RGB. With more we will have to use an amplifier. As the name suggests, it amplifies the signal flowing from the controller and transmits it to the next sections of the tape. The amplifier has a power of 144 W, that is, we can join our installation of another 10 m LED strip 300 SMD 5050 RGB strip or 20m 150 LED RGB SMD 5050

Fig. 5. The connection diagram RGB LED strips using the amplifier.

With amplifiers, we have the ability to control very large areas of the RGB LED strip. The following is a connection diagram where the RGB controller is not directly connected LED strip. It merely transmits the RGB signal to the amplifier, which are connected to the RGB LED strip. In the diagram, there are two amplifiers, but of course there may be many more. It should of course continue to have in mind the AC power supply circuit. If the power of one power supply is not enough to power the whole, it is still possible to control the entire circumference of one of the RGB controller. The only difference is that the next amplifier will be powered by a separate power supply, while the RGB signal will continue to receive the same driver RGB.

Dig. 6. Scheme of connecting LED strips RGB using several amplifiers.

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