LED fluorescent lamps

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                            LED fluorescent lamps

LED fluorescent lamps are a modern, energy-efficient and more durable alternative to fluorescent T8 and T10 lengths: 60cm (18W), 120cm (36W), 150cm (58W), and their installation is extremely quick and simple. In the first part we will present you the benefits that result from the use of this source of lighting and our offer in this regard.
What are the main advantages of LED lamps?

• Up to 66% savings in power consumption compared to conventional fluorescent lamps in the entire circuit,
• longer life
• less heat,
• emit healthy light (pulsation and wave UV)
• not contain mercury not thereby creating hazards environment and health,
• Do not emit noise, making them work on the tires,
• Instant start
• To work does not require a primer or ballasts, allowing electricity consumption is even smaller.


Dig. 1. LED Fluorescent built LED SMD 3528th Every single LED luminous flux is achieved approx. 7.5 lm with a supply voltage specified by the manufacturer of LEDs - 20 mA. In addition to the choice of light color, you can also choose the type of lens (pictured from left): milk, ribbed, transparent.


Dig. 2. The LED lamps based on the SMD LEDs 3014 are characterized by an even higher luminous flux - 13 lm / per LED when power is recommended for this type of LED current of 30mA. An additional advantage of SMD LED 3014 is a much more effective heat dissipation.

Why choose LED lighting Labs?

Offered by our Polish production of LED lamps are built on LEDs in SMD technology (called. Surface Mount Device), which are characterized by greater efficiency and service life compared to older LED DIP. They used LEDs come from some of the best producers in the world (including Edison Opto), so you have a high light output while maintaining optimum operating conditions for each of the LEDs. In fluorescent lamps based on LEDs 3528 SMD obtain luminous flux of about 7,5lm / diode with a secure power supply 20mA, while fluorescent lamps built LED 3014 SMD get to 13lm / diode with optimal for this type of LED current of 30mA power. Such measurements leave far behind most competitive fluorescent lamps, whose luminous flux usually does not exceed 5lm / to a single LED. It also happens that the LED current is distorted in order to achieve a greater luminous flux thus dramatically shorten their life.


The big advantage of fluorescent lamps offered by us is designed responsibly system power and heat dissipation. These are the key parameters that determine the life of the LEDs. All lamps are available in several variants. The choice is a light color: white heat (3200K), neutral (4500K) and cool white (6000K) and diffuser: milk, ribbed and transparent. The exact parameters of the LED lamps Labs can be found in the data sheets available on our website in the category www.led-labs.pl LED lighting.

Dig. 1. Connection diagram LED lighting.

Below is a list of steps with successive stages of replacement of traditional fluorescent 60cm 18W T8 fluorescent LED 60cm 8W 120 LED SMD 3528 and the modernization of existing installations in the frame. It is worth noting that the savings resulting from the replacement of traditional fluorescent lamps with LEDs is greater than would indicate the difference between their powers. This happens because the installation of LED fluorescent lighting ballast remove. Thus, considering the circuit power consumption savings of up to 66%.

ATTENTION! Before performing the work, turn off the power.

Step 1. Remove the existing luminaire already mentioned elements, namely: starters, chokes and capacitors. These elements can be excluded from the circuit or completely removed from the housing (Figs. 1 and 2).

Dig. 2. Removal from binding primers, which are redundant with fluorescent lights.

Dig. 3. Removing the gland, causing extra power consumption.

Step 2. Removal of these elements may already start to prepare for the installation of the LED fluorescent lamps according to the scheme of Fig. 1. Before this, however, it is worth setting clear, thereby increasing the reflectance. According to Scheme sockets in which the LED fluorescent lamp is mounted to be connected on the one hand to the seat phase (L) to the socket on the opposite side of the neutral line (N) (Fig. 4).

Step 3. Thus prepared socket must be connected in parallel to a power source. To do this, you can use the typical electricity or ankle joints weigh (Fig. 5).

Dig. 4. Preparation of the slot: the right side of the socket with the phase (L) on the left side of the seat to the neutral wire (N)

Fig. 5. Connecting to the mains sockets 230V with connector weigh.

Step 4. After the prepared final installation step is to install the LED lamps. It does not matter which end of the fluorescent lamp socket to which we connect. We do this in any way.

Dig. 6. The end replacement fluorescent T8 fluorescent 8W LED T8 120 SMD 3528 LED with color temperature of 4500K (neutral) in our company.


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