About company

Welcome to our store on Zakopiańska Street 2C, open Monday to Friday from 8:00 - 18:00.

LED Labs has been on the market since 2006. We are a distributor of high-tech LED products and a producer of aluminium mounts by LUMINES Lighting, which are designed for the installation of comprehensive lighting systems.
We manage three brands: LED Labs Lighting (LED light sources), LUMINES Lighting (LED mounting systems), and GOQ (LED modules).



We think innovatively. Our mission is to provide technologically advanced products that can be made widely available because of competitive prices. We offer lighting solutions that significantly contribute to an improvement of the quality of life. Our solutions (LUMINES Lighting systems) were recognized at the trade show “Light" in 2014 in Warsaw, where we were the winner of the competition for best presented products in the ‘accessories’ category.


We inspire trust. Through nearly ten years of conducting business, we have developed a position as a reliable business partner. We work with leading LED solutions from the Far East - a world production center of lighting. As an exclusive importer into the country, we supply LED modules from the Korean company GOQ, which are manufactured using Samsung components. We study and follow their example of caring for the quality and precision of the product. All imported products are tested in our photometric lab located in Cracow. We make sure that merchandise entering the market retains the highest level of reliability. The best proof of our customers’ trust in us are two awards we received in 2015: "Customer's Laurel" as well as the status "Client Friendly Company".


We operate globally. Our brands can be seen on store shelves across Europe. We deliver components and complete systems for use in the lighting, construction, furniture, finishing, advertising, automotive, and electronics industries as well as for retail customers.

One of our core values is to provide products that elevate the quality of life. The aluminium mounting systems that we produce are manufactured exclusively from Polish raw materials, of which we are proud.
We look to the future. We are glad that you are with us.

LED Labs sp. z o.o. [Ltd.]