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I-Light PANEL surface mounted RF 2.4G MONO ZONE 4

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I-Light Surface-mounted PANEL 4 2.4G RF MONO ZONE

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MiLight drivers are products of modern and modernist appearance and interesting and innovative method działania.Połączenie receiver MONO ( supplied ) to the panel takes place by means of radio waves of 2.4 GHz.

This is an elegant alternative to the circuit breaker on a wall, it can be attached in any possible place using double-sided tape or screw is powered by two AAA batteries so that there is no need for the power supply forging. It can be mounted at any time regardless of whether previously already mounted remote MiLight MONO both devices can control these same receivers .
One panel many opportunities

Panel MONO single-color belt is characterized by an innovative solution assembly lighting elements. It depends on individual dedicated power supply is connected to the receiver. This is also aiming to reduce the amount of cables to use LED strips. Device Technology allows a single remote to control multiple receivers and each channel individually.

The panel allows adjustment of the light intensity in the range of 0-100% and assigning the plurality of receivers to a single panel.

Pairing panel of the receiver is very simple. Proceed in a disconnection of the main power supply of the receiver, and then reconnect the power supply, where during the first 3 seconds Briefly hold in advance the selected channel on the remote control. The result of the correct pairing devices will blink three times LED strip.

Parameters - Panel:

Power supply: 2xAAA
Features: Darken, Lighten, Zone 4, 60 second switch
Working range: 30m